TEREZA ORŠULÍKOVÁ – Dancer, circus artist, performer, choreographer, movement and circus arts teacher

I have been dancing since childhood. My path led from first steps in the dance preparation class through various dance styles towards circus arts, firedance and aerial acrobatics, hula hoops and back to dance as the basics of movement and source of a deeper experience.

I have attended dance workshops and courses of Movement Medicine, international projects and courses dedicated to circus arts, social circus and circus pedagogy.

Two years I have been living in Slovenia as a circus teacher and at the same time I was developing movement skills and knowledge of the body as a tool for artistic expression.

Currently I continue with performing arts, teaching, studying dance and movement and collecting inspiration from different countries and styles and constantly learning from new experiences.

In my creation I cooperate with many artists in the Czech Republic and abroad.


I  observe the effects of movement on human psychology, development, self confidence, self awareness and building individual personality, allowing the expression of the inner experience, putting emphasis on the healing properties of learning process and self development through the movement art.

In my performances I combine dance, elements of theatre and interaction with the audience. In the creation of the show I adjust to the atmosphere of a particular event and let my art be influenced by the flow of life.